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The Creatine-Insulin Dilemma

Creatine: The Next Great Antioxidant?

Is Creatine Smart?

Do Creatine & Beer Mix?

Use Vioxx for treatment osteoarthritis.

Vioxx study finds arthritis drug increases heart attack risk

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment Using Spirituality as a Healing Component - A Long Forgotten Module in Effective Substance Abuse Treatment by Rachel Hayon, MPH

What Exactly is a Schizoid? - Dual Diagnosis, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Effective Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation -- Rachel Hayon, MPH

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification with a Holistic Approach - Alcoholism, Heroin Addiction, Opiate Addiction, Prescription Drug Addiction and Others by John Giordano, CAP, MAC, CCJS and Trina Geiss, MPH

Dual Diagnosis, Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment - The New Hybrid Disorder by Rachel Hayon, MPH


Transformational Counseling, Drug Rehabilitation, Addiction Treatment and Substance Abuse- By Harry Henshaw, Ed. D., LMHC

Drug Rehabilitation, Addiction Treatment and Transformational Counseling Part III- By Harry Henshaw, Ed. D., LMHC

Arthritis Drugs Celebrex-Vioxx Safety in Doubt

Heroin Addiction and Holistic Drug Treatment Heroin Drug Rehabilitation Programs and Treatment with a Holistic Approach By: John Giordano, CAP, MAC & Trina Geiss, MPH

Transformational Counseling, Alcoholism Treatment and Drug Addiction Treatment Part II- By Harry Henshaw, Ed. D., LMHC

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Gays and Lesbians

Cocaine Addiction and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

Substance Abuse, Drug Addiction Alcoholism, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth-Amphetamine: A Practice Contributing to HIV Infection in Women by Rachel Hayon, MPH

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Generic Drugs for Sexual health: Generic Viagra & Generic Cialis the sure cure for erectile dysfunction

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Using EMDR Therapy by John Giordano, CAP, MAC, CCJS and Trina Geiss, MPH

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